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Posted by ChrisR on 26-02-2011 22:43

Here is a photo from Stéphane Brule in French Guiana. Could anyone confirm whether I have guessed the correct family ... and possibly add any more information? :)

EDIT: Jorge suggested possibly Conopidae ... I have caught very similar syrphids but the proboscis and the extreme waist are starting to convince me that it might be a conopid :)

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Posted by rvanderweele on 27-02-2011 10:40

What a remarkable insect! I think (!) it is indeed a Conopidae. John Smit told me that he is collecting only few Conopids in South America, except Stylogasters. Possibly the situation in Peru etc is different than in French Guiana

Posted by ChrisR on 27-02-2011 12:46

OK, evidence for Conopidae is building up ... good thing I can move threads :D

Yes, I have seldom seen a conopid in samples - just the occasional Stylogaster :)

Posted by John Carr on 27-02-2011 13:13

In North America the Sphex-like Conopidae are Physoconops and Physocephala (both Conopinae).

Posted by ChrisR on 27-02-2011 13:18

Interesting - I find photos of both genera that look similar to this one. I will have to ask Stéphane to take a net next time, not just his camera! ;) Ironic really, considering how many malaise traps the chap runs :)

Posted by AaronS on 10-01-2019 23:49

Definitely subfamily Conopinae, based on the terminal style and the long, forward-pointing (and un-jointed) haustellum.

From the basally swollen hind-femur and apically widened hind-tibia, and also the relatively short flagellomere...I'd guess genus Physocephala. But there could be other candidate genera I'm unaware of in the region.

PS: Looks like someone (a bird?) took a bite of its wing-tips!
PPS: This is a male, from the absence of a theca under the 5th sternite.

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Posted by John Carr on 11-01-2019 00:00

According to Manual of Central American Diptera the basally swollen femur indicates Physocephala. There is a key to species of Costa Rica in Zootaxa 1528: http://www.canaco...merica.pdf.