Thread subject: :: French Guianan syrphid - Ocyptamus gastrostactus

Posted by ChrisR on 27-02-2011 00:43

Here is a photo from Stéphane Brule in French Guiana. Could anyone confirm whether I have guessed the correct family ... and possibly add any more information? :)

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Posted by LakeSide on 28-02-2011 14:26

Maybe Platycheirus sp?

Posted by ChrisR on 28-02-2011 14:32

Well, it does look a bit like some of our Platycheirus spp. but the abdomen has an odd shape and I think there must be different (perhaps related) genera in the neotropics :)

Posted by Menno Reemer on 28-02-2011 17:02

This is a male of Ocyptamus gastrostactus, a common species in tropical America. Larvae are aphid predators on various plants, incuding Phragmites and tobacco.

Posted by ChrisR on 28-02-2011 18:07

Thanks Menno :)