Thread subject: :: The Fly Guys

Posted by Paul Beuk on 18-02-2011 19:17

Announced as The Fly guys I would have expected people Like Neal Evenhuis or Art Borkent to turn up, or perhaps even Roger and Phil, but not this bunch. Still, it is hilarious.
YouTube Video

Posted by Rui Andrade on 18-02-2011 20:34


Posted by Roger Thomason on 18-02-2011 23:05

Hmm...must be some REALLY fun nights in the Beuk household!
Sitting in on a blues jam with Phil playing harp..great! Neal or Art, what do they play? As for The Fly Guys (not forgetting The Bug Chicks), I would rather be trapped in an elevator with Jorge..Pass me the Smith and Wesson!

Regards Roger...(Music Critic) Delting Echo.