Thread subject: :: Fauna Europaea update: Heleomyzid flies

Posted by Andrzej on 27-01-2011 22:11

Dear Diptera friends,
an new update of FauEu has been published (ver. 2.4).

Plz note, that I have decided to include to the database the family Cnemospathididae concerning Prosopantrum flavifrons recorded last years from UK and Germany but I had not the possibility to do it :|.

This species was newly recorded in the Northern Hemisphere by Ismay & Smith in 1994 from UK, where a second site has been also reported (Cole, 1996).

In 2004 Stuke & Merz recorded this species from Norderney (East Frisian Islands, Germany). At time no males have been found because all the populations are parthenogenetic !