Thread subject: :: Fauna Europaea update: Heleomyzid flies

Posted by Andrzej on 24-01-2011 09:04


Dear Diptera friends,
I have started to make an update of Heleomyzid flies in the Fauna Europaea.
I hope that within one month or slightly longer I will finish checking and adding all new published records I found during last years.
Please be patient. I am not financially supported to do it at once! I will inform you when I finish it at the

Warning! My work address has been erroneously changed without my permission at the FauEu web page!
(The name of organization which I represent is not this one: http://www.faunae...amp;id=464!).
I have tried to change the address of organization during last two months but still unsuccessfully :-( (emails were sent personally to the Web-master).

Note please, that I am still working at the Institute of Biology, Wroclaw University of Life & Environmental Sciences in Wroclaw, Poland.