Thread subject: :: Magnification

Posted by pjoris on 03-02-2011 17:49

I use sometimes 20x oculars (instead of the standard 10x oculars with a Euromex stereomicroscope) for smaller diptera/coleoptera, but as said: they don't increase resolution. I also have a 1.5x barlow lens (which you screw under the objective lenses), this seems to be a bit better/sharper than using 20x oculars. I don't know if your microscope takes barlow lenses ? Barlow lenses do reduce working distance however (in contrast to higher powered oculars).

To see small detail, I switch to my compound microscope (Nikon SE), with the same lighting as the stereomicroscope. This resolves much more detail (even at low magnifications, 40x - 100x), but depth of field is lower and you can't use it for preparation (unless you can think in mirror images). Good for photography using stacks as I noticed recently.


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