Thread subject: :: Magnification

Posted by Nosferatumyia on 24-01-2011 10:41

I am using a compound microscope to take pictures of genitalia in tephritoid flies, which are a little larger than in Agromyzidae. In general, resolution of what you see, depends on the objective magnification, NOT eyepiece. I usually take pictures with x10 or x20 lens and x8 eyepiece. The lamp I am using is 1A halogene, which is enough to have 1/15 sec exposition at camera (which is the longest to avoid blur of trembling). The camera is a soapbox Nikon 50. This is the minimum self-made kit, which works for further combine of stack photos. When taking pix of the Agro phalli, it could be necessary to use X40 lens, and in this case the light beam is critical, indeed.