Thread subject: :: Heleomyzidae from East Turkey

Posted by Cesa on 04-12-2010 20:25

Today among the derbis of Oakwoods at 2000m height, a basking fly (Heleomyzidae?) was observed. Its ID very much appreciated. Thanks a lot. Muhabbet

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Posted by rvanderweele on 04-12-2010 20:26

did you collect it?

Posted by rvanderweele on 04-12-2010 20:27

Perhaps interesting for Andrzej as well.

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 04-12-2010 21:08

Yes. ONe for Andrzej

Posted by rvanderweele on 04-12-2010 21:12

Beautiful spines on the costa. Frustrating that I cannot see enough details

Posted by Andrzej on 05-12-2010 00:13

Hmm, I would say Suillia sp. only !
I have never seen such dark specimen from Palaearctic Region :-)
Muhabbet ! Did you collect it ? Very, very interesting fly !!!

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Posted by rvanderweele on 05-12-2010 09:51

Hahaha, I thought you will be interested, Andrzej. I made a note in my notebook yesterday about the very dark Heleomyzidae from Turkey.