Thread subject: :: Photos of Muscidae

Posted by Tony van Harten on 15-09-2006 17:19

I am working in the United Arab Emirates on the inventory of the insects of that country. It is a privately sponsored project and at the end of 2007 a book will be published. Some 160 specialists from 27 countries are collaborating. The sponsor wants the book full with nice big colour photographs. With the Diptera this is complicated. I have received manuscript on the Muscidae. There are 25 species, among them several quite common palaearctic species, but no photographs. I wonder whether members of this forum do have good pictures of some of those species and are willing to let me use them for the book. The more common species in the list are: Musca domestica, M. crassirostris, M. lucidula, M. sorbens, Stomoxys calcitrans, S. niger, Helina coniformis, Lispe modesta, Limnophora quarerna and Coenosia attenuata. Any help will be very welcome.

Tony van Harten - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates