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Posted by rvanderweele on 02-09-2010 15:57

Hello friends,

please, have a look at the link above. You will find there some interesting articles about diptera. Yes, I am Dutch, they are for free!!!

EDIT Paul Beuk: Link made clickable...

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Posted by Tony Irwin on 02-09-2010 20:55

Ruud - I found the article by Ken Spencer on Agromyzidae, but cannot see any other Diptera papers. Are there any others?

Posted by rvanderweele on 02-09-2010 21:00

Well, indeed, if you search on diptera, you find some articles on pseudoscorpions. So articles purely about flies are ....well...not so many. More about opiliones and pseudoscorpions. Maybe I was too enthousiastic

Posted by Tony Irwin on 03-09-2010 21:33

;) I like pseudoscorpions too!

Posted by Roger Thomason on 03-09-2010 22:24

Handy article on Bearded Dragons, should anyone find themselves waking up in the middle of the "Bush" in Western Australia (following a night on the falling-down-liquid) and feeling like a reviving snack.
I have wakened up in stranger places...:|

Could be a lifesaver...thanks Ruud :P