Thread subject: :: Macs and the internet

Posted by ChrisR on 06-08-2010 11:57

Hi Gordon - yes it all points to the fact that your DNS isn't configured correctly. Your network adaptor has been set to look at the router ( for any DNS info but for some reason it hasn't got it - or the provider hasn't given it to it. So far you have only pinged Private, internal IP addresses and they all work - and the external URLs all fail. Now try pinging something like using it's IP address ( and see if you get a reply - if you do then you definitely have internet and no DNS.

The good news is that you just have to find the IP addresses of your internet provider by Googling (like "<insert providers name here> dns server address" and then put them into the network adaptor's settings/properties (replacing the address in the DNS server list). :)

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