Thread subject: :: Macs and the internet

Posted by ChrisR on 03-08-2010 08:56

I don't have much experience with Macs but from the symptoms it sounds like you have connected and got an IP from the DHCP server but it hasn't given you the network's DNS servers that translate URLs to IP addresses. But if the tech at the school is scratching his head and he has hands-on with the Mac then it's going ot be hard to do it remotely.

The procedure to test things should be to use PING to ping various network IPs and URLs to see how far the connection goes. If you can't ping anything outside your laptop then it hasn't got a connection but if it can ping a server on the network then you have a connection. I would speak to the internet provider and get from them an IP on their network and try pinging that ... if you can then you have a connection - if not then you don't. You might just have to set up the LAN or WiFi connection with the appropriate DNS servers to get it to work :)