Thread subject: :: Attracting flies

Posted by crex on 24-08-2006 15:43

I was thinking if someone ever uses certain liquids or food to attract flies. My interest is mainly to rapidly find more flies to photograph easily on a place I decide when I'm outdoors ... B)

Posted by topek on 26-09-2006 07:45

Hi Crex, it all depends on what species of flies you want to photograph.

Posted by crex on 26-09-2006 09:13

The really rare ones ;) ... No I was thinking generally. I have no real preferences. Just to quickly attract flies. I know sh*t attracts some flies very quickly, but it's not pleasant to photograph up close :p

Posted by Louis Boumans on 26-09-2006 19:00

Well, wine is perfect to attract Drosophilidae, and it comes in handy when you're on a terrace enjoying the autumn sun! :)

The Aster flowers also attract many flies and other insects at this time of the year, and you may be able to buy them when they're not growing anywhere near your home.

Best. louis