Thread subject: :: Tachinidae - Microtropesa sp. from western Australia

Posted by Liekele Sijstermans on 02-03-2010 21:49

If it would be Goniini (Exoristinae), then it could not be Microtropesa as several authors place Microtropesa in Tachinini (Tachininae).

But it certainly looks like Microtropesa as I have found several similar pictures it on the internet, some claimed to be identified by Cantrell, an Australian specialist on Tachinidae.

So my guess would be Microtropesa. But there are more than fifteen species. Last revision not in my possession: Revision of the Australian genus Microtropesa Macquart (Diptera: Tachinidae: Tachinini) by Burwell, Christopher J., Memoirs of the Queensland Museum. 1996 20 July; 39(2):211-226.