Thread subject: :: query for Tipula maxima

Posted by Louis Boumans on 03-08-2006 00:35

I am currently working on a phylogeographic study of the giant cranefly species Tipula (Acutipula) maxima, using mitochondrial DNA markers.

Since the distribution area is large, I use museum material (Amsterdam ZMA) and specimens helpful collegues sent me. However, the data collection still shows many gaps.

If you have recently collected specimens and you are willing to send me some, please contact me. It would be a great help. Material from closely related species is also welcome (T. balcanica, T. repanda, T. fulvipennis .. ). A single leg is sufficient for DNA isolation.

So far I have been able to extract useful DNA from samples as old as 2003 that were preserved in 70% alcohol or dry pinned (though the success rate decreases with age). Preservation in absolute alcohol should give good results for even older material.

T. maxima is widespread in Europe. Adults are found along seepages and small streams, where the aquatic larvea feed on dead leaves and other organic matter. I think the flight period is almost finished for this year.
The large size and remarkable wing pattern make it a very conspicuous dipteron.

Browsing the internet i found that there is a tendency among laymen to call any 'large' cranefly Tipula maxima. Therefore I include some links below that show pictures of the real species.

Many thanks in advance, Louis