Thread subject: :: Embedding insects in plastic

Posted by crex on 29-07-2006 12:29

Is there a way to put insects etc in modern transparent materials (plastic?) for preservation, somewhat like amber incusions?

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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 29-07-2006 23:01

Hi Crex.
If you visit African country, you will find at any market a lot of varios insecta preserved in epoxid as "local souvenir". Most of all it will be scorpions.

Posted by Louis Boumans on 02-08-2006 23:57

Yes, my father once brought me, from Turkey, a souvenir key ring with a cricket embedded in epoxy resin, with Chinese inscriptions on it (so appearantly imported from there). The epoxu was polished afterwards.
I suppose you can embed any dry object in epoxy, though preserving the colours may be a problem.