Thread subject: :: Portraits of amateur/professional dipterologists - II

Posted by Larry Shone on 07-06-2010 17:35

Sundew wrote:
Larry: Somehow I knew you might look that way... But donít worry, that is no dishonour! The only fact that makes me nervous is: you belong to the octopedes, and these normally are not just platonic lovers of our two-winged darlings, no: they eat them!!! So to avert danger from the forum (viz. depletion in photo objects) please make sure that you approach our sweeties with your camera pressed tightly to your mouth and warn them by flashlight so that they can take refuge immediately after the shot!
(Btw, little Katie seems to have photographed another Larry with much less legs...)

Ah not to worry. Although I have pet tarantulas they usually eat crickets, moths or mealworms, rarely do they eat the Diptera ;)