Thread subject: :: Flies from a dead dog - Part 1 (Centrophlebomyia)

Posted by Gordon on 24-11-2009 14:03

Strymon river bank, far northern Greece, 24th Novemeber 2009. On a dead dog of course. I think this is a heleomyzid.

I must admit i am a bit confused about how other people will see these images. On the Mac they look fine, but as I don't have photoshop or much else on the Mac yet I loaded the images, converted to Tiffs, onto a stick to move them to the ordinary PC, where I converted them to 'for the web' as Photoshop was refusing to save them as jpgs in 'save as'. They look dull and dark on the PC, as jpgs or as tiffs, but I have left them alone except for resizing them down to 650pp wide and saving. I will be interested to hear what they look like on other people's screens - bright or dull??????

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