Thread subject: :: Botfly video

Posted by cyprinoid on 19-11-2009 23:22

YouTube Video

Great stuff!

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Posted by lagura on 20-11-2009 00:15

Interesting. Great video.
And I will take a much closer look at any fly landing on me from now on :D

Posted by Louis Boumans on 20-11-2009 00:26

Wow! A must-see!

Posted by pwalter on 20-11-2009 00:52

Interestingly, just 1 hour ago I saw this footage on tv (National Geographic, series Bite me) here in Hungary. I think the original footage was filmed by BBC and Attenborough, however.

Posted by Lukasz Mielczarek on 20-11-2009 01:12

Very, very nice :)

Posted by cyprinoid on 20-11-2009 11:14

The scene is from BBCs "Life in the undergrowth", I recommend getting the dvd.

Posted by cyprinoid on 20-11-2009 11:21

I will spend a couple of days hunting the amazing looking Sheep Botfly (Oestrus ovis) this summer, I have no big hopes though.

Maybe I'll come home with oral mucosa myiasis :o