Thread subject: :: Macro photography equipment

Posted by brundlefly on 18-11-2009 09:38

I did a forum search on this and it didn't turn up anything useful. Considering the huge number of really good macro shots in the gallery I thought it might be interesting to find out what kind of equipment people are using to accomplish that?

I have not posted many photos yet, but use a Nikon D40x with Sigma 150mm f 2,8. I also have a Soligor 1,4x extender, an old Nikon 50mm with reversing ring to achieve larger magnifications. Lighting is through an external Nikon flash on a home made bracket. I'm thinking about buying the Tamron 90mm to complement the equipment. And maybe a D90?

Oh, and for quick snaps of dead insects I use a Canon G10 with good results.