Thread subject: :: Lauxaniidae chaetotaxy

Posted by viktor j nilsson on 12-11-2009 12:32

I have a small question regarding the thoracic chaetotaxy of Lauxanids. In the manual of palaearctic diptera, it is stated that lauxanids have 0-1 intraalar bristles. But I wonder if it shouldn´t say 0-2 instead? Shouldn´t the pair of bristles behind the one denoted "ia" In the attached picture from Shatalkin (2000) also be called intra-alar bristles?

The reason that I came to think of this that was looking at a Minettia specimen which only has the posterior pair of bristles (maybe many Minettia looks like this?), and the key asked whether intra-alars are present (which they obviously should be in Minettia)?
are both pairs of bristles intra-alars?

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Posted by viktor j nilsson on 12-11-2009 12:56

Oh, I think I made the very same mistake as in this thread: that I tried to squeeze a Pseudolyciella specimen through the Minettia keys!
So then... the bristle behind the intra-alar on the picture above shouldn´t be interpreted as an intra-alar? Then what is it!?