Thread subject: :: Psychodidae

Posted by coopder on 22-10-2009 14:16

Anyone know what my furry little friend is?

Found on a Sycamore tree in London, approx 3mm across


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Posted by phil withers on 22-10-2009 14:23

Might be one of the rot-hole species: tristis, rothschildii or laurencei. Only a male genitalia mount will suffice...

Posted by weia on 06-10-2020 23:35

This definitely is a Clogmia. It looks more like C. latipennis, than like C.rothschildi. But latipennis is only known form Italy... So peculiar. Laurencei I do not know anything about...

Posted by weia on 07-06-2021 12:22

It is C.latipennis. Now known from Italy, Spain, France, England and Netherlands. Differences with rothschildi are quite clear.
At what date did you see it?

Posted by weia on 16-05-2022 11:10

Is this observation in iNaturalist? If not, please add.
Name of the genus now is Lepiseodina, Clogmia is outdated.