Thread subject: :: Ecce Sphyracephala europaea!!!

Posted by pwalter on 12-09-2009 23:20

Hi, I was in Szeged, South-Hungary on Friday and today, and I had time this morning to go to the river bank of Maros, where the very first Sphyracephala europaea, the first Diopsid in Europe was found. I started walking there from the city center at 9, and spent loooong hours with searching. The river bank is really steep, and full of mud of course. Every kind of thorny plants are found there to disencourage photographers:) After a long search, I found this beauty sitting on a leaf of Rubus, just 2-3 ms away from the river. This was at 2 PM, so it was really time consuming, but it was worth it of course! This is a really nice fly. I show pictures of the habitat also. A biologist wrote about his fly that he saw once about 10 000 specimens on a tree which was floating in the river...

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