Thread subject: :: On a couple of Anthomyiidae names

Posted by KWQ on 19-07-2009 13:43

I was checking a couple of species with the old Lindner and having no up-to-date checklists including all synonymies at hand I'd ask:

What are the current names of the two species in Lindner:

Paregle radicum (L.)
Delia brassicae Hoffmannsegg

Thanks beforehand!

Posted by JariF on 19-07-2009 14:08

Paregle audacula (Harris, 1780)
Delia radicum (Linnaeus, 1758)

These are from Fauna Europaea


Posted by KWQ on 19-07-2009 17:39

Thanks, Jari! I will have to check Fauna Europaea also for synonyms, I've so far mainly used it for distributional purposes.