Thread subject: :: Besseria sp.?

Posted by ChrisR on 16-07-2009 09:52

Just a quick quote from T&H:
4. Peristome dusted white. Frontal stripe with a yellow ground colour. Middle tibia with 2 inner bristles, the upper often much weaker. Males: tergite 5 with short upright hairs; cerci-surstyli complex 2 - 3x as long as the epandrium, roof-like developed, inside with a ring of yellow scale hairs. Females: tergites 2 and 3 ventrally with a spine field.................dimidiata Zett.
- Peristome at least in its front half shiny black. Frontal stripe in the ground colour black. Middle tibia with 1 inner bristle. Males: tergite 5 dorsally hairless, smooth and shiny; cerci and surstyli a little shorter than the epandrium, without yellow scale hairs. Females: spine field only present on tergite 2..............reflexa R.D.

So a closer view of the legs or head at different angles would be useful :)

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