Thread subject: :: Doros profuges

Posted by Urs on 05-06-2009 13:29

Doros profuges, female?

Fotos: Switzerland, Wattwil SG, Ulisbach 630m NN, 04.06.09

edge of a little forest


Posted by Urs on 05-06-2009 13:32

Foto 2:

Posted by Urs on 05-06-2009 13:33

Foto 3:

Posted by Andre on 05-06-2009 16:29

This would be Doros profuges indeed. Great species, I am jealous ;)

Posted by Urs on 05-06-2009 21:27

Thank you Andre, for confirming D. profuges.


Posted by conopid on 05-06-2009 22:27

Please submit these to the gallery. They may be the only good photos of this rare species!!
Great photos by the way.:)

Posted by Urs on 06-06-2009 09:34

Hi Nigel,

shure, i will submit the photos for the gallery.

Thank you for the answer.


Posted by Maddin on 15-06-2009 16:15

Awesome! Such great pics of such a rare fly!

Posted by Urs on 18-06-2009 09:02

my last foto of the fly, 4 days after my wife detected the "wasp"

Foto: 08.06.09 , same region

the fly was the most time on leafs of Cornus sanguinea, not far ( 10-20cm) over the ground.


sorry, error!
The plant is not Lonicera xylosteum as i wrote before editing the post.

Edited by Urs on 18-06-2009 15:53