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Posted by paqui on 23-06-2006 11:51

Yesterday i looked at a book i didn?t pay attention to in a long time:
"Insects, spiders and other terrestrial arthropods", George C. Mc Gavin, 2000

it?s interesting because it?s got lots of pictures (I still prefer chinery, anyway).
i?ve got the italian edition and foundt many "mistakes", probably it?s me who is wrong, here you are:

*page 139: Mycetophilidae: Platyura and Macrocera: --- both are Keroplatidae. I?ve got the Royal?s Handbook of Mycetophilidae (198..) and it says probably Keroplatidae etc could be different families, but I don?t know when they changed

*page 142: Bombyliidae: Systropus lives in Europe --- http://www.dipter...ad_id=1514

*page 144: Celyphidae: they live in America --- my only reference is they are from China and Sri Lanka ??

*page 149: Oestridae/Gasterophilidae: Hypoderma bovis --- today Hypodermatidae

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