Thread subject: :: Naphthalene good or bad?

Posted by Steve Pelikan on 03-06-2009 01:25

These are questions I've been thinking about recently so I hope more people contribute to this thread.

In the past, like Chris R, I have used Vapona, but I've given up on that basically because of potential health concerns. Plus museums I pass on material to do object to it. And it can accumulate as gunk on specimens, especially in warmer seasons, I suspect.

Now I have a cycle in which about once a month I put a different drawer in the freezer for a week or 10 days.

Since most collecting/ specimen prep happens for me in spurts (vacation time, weekends) I save up several days worth and freeze the lot after labeling and preliminary (family/genus) ID, for before distributing the specimens in more permanent places.

I have been wondering about periodic/occasional fumigation with something relatively innocuous like ethyl acetate. This might have adverse effects on box lining and plastics used in double mounts (or nylon heads of pins). I haven't done tests yet. Does anyone have information/opinions/ suggestions about this possibility?