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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 21-05-2006 08:55

Dear friends from Germany. I badly need entomologycal pins. A friend of mine will spend next week in Hamburg. Could you give me address or phone number or simply name of shop in Hamburg, where he can buy good pins?
Thank you.

Posted by Xespok on 21-05-2006 10:27

Hi Nikita,

I was also wondering where these are available. I did a little bit of research and found this place to be the cheapest.


The Japanese pins are supposedly better.

If anyone knows a better place for general insect collection and photography supplies, do not hesitate to share the info.I think we should keep this thread as a knowledge base where to buy what.

Posted by Kahis on 21-05-2006 10:58

I have ordered pins from Vermandel (http://www.verman.../index.php) and Entomoravia (linked to by Xespok above). Both offer good service in english and deliver in a week or two.

Vermandel does also sell a reasonable range of other supplies (forceps, micropin blocks = 'polyporus', magnifying glasses etc). Bioquip (http://www.bioqui...) is a U.S.A.-based company. They carry an enormous range of equipment but prices are generally higher than in Europe, even more so after tax + customs.

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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 21-05-2006 12:42

Thank you Xespok and Kahis. Both links looks very useful.
But the question about Hamburg is still valid too, otherwise it takes for order, delivery ect. a month, I think.