Thread subject: :: Tachinidae, Bithia sp. (Crete)

Posted by markop on 22-09-2008 15:22

I captured this fly two days ago, on 20-Sep-2008, in Crete, Greece, as it was feeding on Urginea maritima flowers. I'd say its size was about 5mm.

EDIT: My original size estimate was way off. Theo is right, its size must've been at least 8mm (compared to the flowers it's on). He identified it as Bithia sp. Thanks Theo!

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Posted by markop on 22-09-2008 15:25

Another view:

Posted by markop on 22-09-2008 15:27

Another view:

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Posted by Zeegers on 22-09-2008 19:26

Loooks like a Dexiini, most likely Estheria or Billaea.
In which case it should have been 8 mm. at least...


Posted by markop on 23-09-2008 08:21

Thanks a lot Theo!

I know I suck at estimating sizes... Now that I look at the photos again, compared to the size of the flowers it's on, I'd say you're right, it must've been more than 8mm.

Posted by Zeegers on 23-09-2008 21:46

ANd I suck at identifying.
Now I see them again, the jowls are much too narrow.
I should have gone for my first hunch, see the erect scutellar bristles!:


Difficult genus (with longer proboscis)


Posted by markop on 24-09-2008 11:08

Thanks again Theo ;)

I see there is no Bithia in the gallery yet, so maybe I should submit one or two of these photos. Which ones do you think would be best?

Posted by Zeegers on 24-09-2008 17:36

first and / or second, if you please,
last one looks like Phryxe (atypcial)


Posted by markop on 06-10-2008 14:57

OK. I submitted better versions (better post-processing and resolution) of the first two photos to the gallery:

You can also find a better version of the third photo here: