Thread subject: :: Syvicola fenestralis

Posted by kitenet on 04-05-2006 10:23


I have been finding what I believe is Sylvicola fenestralis in my garden recently (Buckinghamshire, UK). I'm keying them out using Freeman's key to Anisopodidae in the 1950 Royal Ent Soc key to Nematocera - so far I've only found females, so there is an element of doubt, but they seem to fit Freeman's description of fenestralis much better than cinctus.

In the Recorder database, the species account for S. fenestralis says:

"A 'window gnat' that has been reported to breed in compost heaps. Though historically regarded as common, there are no recent records. Past identifications may have been confused with S. cinctus."

Are there really no recent UK records for it? What is the status elsewhere in Europe? Are there any more up-to-date keys than tha Freeman one?