Thread subject: :: Feeding behaviour of Rhagio lineola

Posted by conopid on 31-07-2008 10:40

Diptera - Family Rhagionidae

I managed to video the interesting way that Rhagio lineola feeds on leaf surfaces. It uses its front legs to sweep the surface and detect residues, so it presumably has some sensory apparatus in its tarsi. See the video here:

Posted by GlassOWater on 01-08-2008 14:49


I saw a Tachinid, something like Cylindromyia auriceps, behave this way today. It ran ran around leaves, feeling them with his legs and stopping every now and then. He didn't need to lean though, because his mouth parts are long enough.

Posted by pwalter on 25-01-2009 00:41

I saw a lot of Neurigona sp and other Dolichopodidae feeding on Sambucus nigra leaves like this Rhagio. This Doli has some mites, Erythraeidae or maybe Trombidiidae.

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