Thread subject: :: Bibio hortulanus ?

Posted by pierred on 14-04-2006 21:17


Seen today 14th April 2006, Paris, 7-9 mm. At first sight, I thought that Bibio marci was really small this year (with the late spring?). Later on, I saw the single black cell on the wings.

I'm wrong with B. hortulanus?

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Posted by Zeegers on 15-04-2006 14:30

Bonjour Pierre,

B. hortulanus has legs all black, as does marci.
This is B. johannis, one of the most early spring species.
Easily recognized by the very dark pterostigma, as you correctly observed.
And of course the reddish tibiae (as lanigerus, etc...)

Theo Zeegers

Posted by pierred on 15-04-2006 18:07


Thanks a lot for the correction and for the reasons why.

Posted by Gordon Jar on 16-04-2006 15:47

The attached was photographed in South East England on 13/04/06. Would this also be B. johannis. It seems to fit the description as set out above.


Posted by Zeegers on 16-04-2006 17:54

No, this is not johannis, most likely the other very common species: lanigerus. Why ?
the stigma is brown, not black.
Johannis is easy to recognize in the field: all hairs on both thorax and abdomen are black. In lanigerus many hairs are light.
But I can't see this feature on the pictures.


Posted by Gordon Jar on 16-04-2006 18:01

Thankyou very much for the useful explanation.