Thread subject: :: Egg-parasitoids of Diptera

Posted by Guest on 25-05-2004 07:28

Search of egg-parasitoids of Diptera.

Dear colleagues,

I study the taxonomy of egg-parasitoids, Trichogrammatidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea).
If you will find some parasitized eggs of Diptera, I am interested to contact with you about their identification and biology.
Many of families of Diptera have been recorded as hosts of egg-parasitoids - Asiliidae, Syrphidae, Tabanidae, Stratiomyidae, Sciomyzidae, Diopsidae, Ephydridae.
But the biology and taxonomy of egg-parasitoids are still weakly studied.

Dr Viktor FURSOV


Institute of Zoology
Bogdan Khmelnitsky str.15
01601, Kiev, UKRAINE

Submitted by Viktor Fursov on May 25 2004 - 03:04:08