Thread subject: :: Ariasella lusitanica, Hybotidae

Posted by Rui Andrade on 16-03-2008 19:41

So many nice images that Jorge has, I'm a little envious:p.

crex said:
Did you see any more hunting activities or were they just humping around?

Today I saw one male catching a little dipteran, as it happenedB). I will tell you how it happened:
I was watching the male hybotid, who was on an eucalyptus leaf and, as little creatures strolled by he reacted to them, following them with his eyes. When a small dipteran passed in front of him he focused on it and attached when the prey turned its back on him:o. It was amazing to see.

Jorge Almeida said:
smiley precisely. he didn't care anything about the "MANY" bounces he had. smiley this is what I call "hard sex". smiley

I also saw the "soft sex":D. Even though the female carried the male, it wasn't really soft (you will find out what I mean when I send a video to Jorge;)).