Thread subject: :: Malaise Traps

Posted by Gordon on 27-02-2008 13:15

I have been looking at the website of Entosphinx, they have a very cheap malaise trap, 42 Euroes, but the diagram of the catching bottle worries me.

Has anybody used them, can they tell me what sort of design is the catching bottle, and how does it compare with other British or Czech designed malaise traps?

I have one Czech designed trap, but it has aluminium poles, which this one (above) doesn't. It catches a lot of stuff but has a problem in that the thread the catching bottle screws into was broken when it arrived, I have solved this problem with a little glue and a shoelace. Max Barclay at the NHM says a trap of this design he used had a similar problem.

I have used three of the standard British? design and the only real problem is that the material dies after 2 years, and setting up can be a bit of a pain, the Czech trap I have sets up very easily.

What other designs are there??