Thread subject: :: Laphria flava?

Posted by Guenter on 13-01-2006 18:15

Could this be a male of Laphria flava? Caught near Dornbirn/Vorarlberg (Western Austria) last year in July at an altitude of about 1200m. Sorry that the photo isn't good!

Posted by Guenter on 13-01-2006 18:33

Yeah, it worked this time;)

Posted by Guenter on 14-01-2006 23:37

Any suggestions?

Posted by lynkos on 15-01-2006 07:03

Looks like no-one has any ideas for the moment :(. Wait a while and someone is sure to pass! Sarah

Posted by Jan Willem on 15-01-2006 10:52

Hi G?nter,

It certainly looks like a Laphria. However I know that there are several species of this genus in Central Europe and I have never seen any other than L. flava. But don't worry, I agree with Sarah, if you have a little patience someone who knows a lot more about Asilidae (like Mark van Veen) will be able to say more about it.

Jan Willem