Thread subject: :: Suillia variegata? => Suilla affinis

Posted by Volker on 06-07-2024 19:12


Which fly have I photographed in my garden? Size approx. 7 mm? Is it Suilla variegata? Unfortunately I don't have a top view.

Germany, Saarland, Bexbach, Garden, Absolute Altitude 250 m, 04.07.2024

Greetings, Volker

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Posted by Andrzej on 08-07-2024 16:08

typical S. affinis

Posted by Volker on 08-07-2024 21:13

Hi Andrzey,

many thanks for ID |t

Greetings, Volker

Posted by Paul Beuk on 09-07-2024 11:14

Please, remember that you will not be able to see the image anymore if you change the file name of a linked image on an internet resource. You first post now shows two dead links...

Posted by Volker on 09-07-2024 17:53

Hello Paul,

I have not changed any file names and both links are visible, including the linked large images.

Greetings, Volker

Posted by Roger Thomason on 09-07-2024 18:33

I think Paul meant older links like on this thread...


Posted by Andrzej on 09-07-2024 20:06

Hi Roger, unfortunately the links are expired ... :-(

Posted by Volker on 09-07-2024 21:36


That's why my pictures are no longer displayed. I have uploaded two pictures again on the page you mentioned.

Greetings, Volker

Posted by Paul Beuk on 10-07-2024 11:17