Thread subject: :: September fly

Posted by Perseus on 12-01-2006 22:47

I do not know what this fly is?

It may b not be clear enough even for the genus, but some clue to the family would be appreciated.

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This area of Elms is rich in fly species, mostly common ones and a dozen or more hoverflies.


Andy Horton
Adur Valley Nature Notes

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 12-01-2006 22:55

This mist be Empis livida, one of the commoner, larger dance flies that is still about in September. One of the charcteristics is that the medial veins just do not reach the wing margin and that is just visible in this picture.

Posted by Perseus on 13-01-2006 02:09

Thanks again. I have some images but these are poor quality of common species.

If you need any to fill any missing gaps, I could help you out.

I have not had a look around the galleries yet.