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Posted by ukursawe on 13-05-2024 12:46


A few days ago I took a few pictures of a sleek, longish insect on the outside wall of our house. My eyes are not the best any more and I became curious because it obviously could move forward and backward with ease. In fact it turned out to be two specimen which were attached to each other, which obviously explains the strange movement pattern.
My guess would be, that it might be some species from the family Scatopsidae. I actually found a similar image in the Scatopsidae gallery, which was labelled "cf. Scatopse notata". Could that be the same species?

Germany, Southern Bavaria, Garden in Munich (-West), outside wall, 09.05.2024, app. 8-10 mm (total of two specimen)

Greetings, Uli

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Posted by eklans on 13-05-2024 15:50

Hi Uli, yes it can: I think Scatopse notata is correct.

Posted by ukursawe on 13-05-2024 15:51

Hi Eric!

Thank you for the confirmation.

Greetings, Uli