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Posted by serenense7 on 03-05-2024 00:18

Thank you for these new interesting elements.
Luc Bettinelli : France : Arc-et-Senans : 25610 : 27/04/2024
Altitude : 236 m -
Réf. : 341882

Here is a reworked view (photo noise reduction) to better visualize why we thought the arista was plumose. Does this change anything for you?

And what do you think of the Scatella paludum hypothesis? Is this a species that is familiar to you or anyone else, and does this hypothesis seem good to you?
I rely on the arrangement of the spots (for the genus), on the acrosticals and on the erased side of the wing spots and on the silvery pruinosity for the species.
Thank you for your opinions !

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