Thread subject: :: Tachinidae > Meigenia, male from Belgium 2024-04-20 for ID

Posted by Tetrao on 23-04-2024 16:06

Hello everybody !!!

Every day I can picture some Tachinidae that looks like Paratryphera sp ...

This specimen was pictured in my garden on 2024-04-20 and could be identified I think as Paratryphera barbatula (Rondani, 1859) , female

I could measure it on picture : 8,5mm

Palpus are black.

Section of m between m-cu and the deflection as long as the distance of the defelction to the wing edge is = 1,77

Fore tibia with 2 posterior bristles

Lateral bristles missing on hair-like Tschornig Fig 112 seen differences between P. barbatula et P. bisetosa in Tschornig page 38

I hope the ID is good ...

Thank you for reading and/or commenting my post,

Have a good day,


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