Thread subject: :: Tachinidae > Eumea female from Belgium 2024-04-22 for ID

Posted by Tetrao on 23-04-2024 09:07

Hello everybody !!!

I pictured this Tachinidae on 2024-04-22 in my garden. I could measure it on picture : 10mm

I already picture a good candidate to Paratryphera sp. on 2024-04-13

Could this species be a Paratryphera species ?

Thank you for reading and/or commenting this post !!

Have a good day !


Thank you again for reading and/or commenting this post !!!


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Posted by Zeegers on 24-04-2024 11:22

No, it seems to be one of the two Eumea species


Posted by Tetrao on 24-04-2024 12:02

Thank you very much, Theo !!!