Thread subject: :: Tachinidae > Paratryphera sp from Belgium 2024-04-13

Posted by Tetrao on 14-04-2024 09:11

Hi all,
I pictured this specimen in my garden on 2024-04-13 in Belgium and could measure it : 9,25mm. It's a female.
On a french forum I found a similar habitus identified here by Theo Zeegers.

But is it the same species ???

Is it possible to ID ???
Thank you !!!

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Posted by John Carr on 14-04-2024 16:58

The sharp bend in vein M excludes tribe Blondeliini, to which Vibrissina belongs. It appears to have a strong first post-sutural supra alar bristle, ruling out tribe Exoristini with similar wing veins. If it has four post-sutural supra alar bristles then the Lypha group is a possibility.

Posted by Zeegers on 14-04-2024 17:58

I'd it is a candidate Paratryphera, but impossible to be sure from this angle.
Definitely not Vibrissina nor any other Blondeliini, as pointed out by John.


Posted by Tetrao on 14-04-2024 21:23

Thank you very much both !!!