Thread subject: :: Rhinophoridae ID

Posted by arnaudbdn on 09-04-2024 21:21

Found this fly in Northern Portugal (near Ponte de Lima). I think it might be a Tachinidae but is it possible to go further in the ID? I have only this angle because it flew off.
Thanks in advance

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Posted by Zeegers on 12-04-2024 22:20

Gut feelings is Phyto (Rhinophoridae)


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Posted by arnaudbdn on 14-04-2024 14:17

Rhinophoridae looks indeed more likely. Phyto is promising but the dm-m vein on the wing is not S-shaped like in the genus Phyto. I don't know if it is really a criterion or not. How about Tricogena ?

Posted by Zeegers on 14-04-2024 19:07

Scutellum lacks rd.
There are many species of Phyto, so your objection does not bother me.