Thread subject: :: identification Pepsis species

Posted by calluna on 08-04-2024 13:25

Is it possible to identify this Pepsis copula?

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Posted by eklans on 08-04-2024 19:24

Hello calluna, it's a couple of Sepsis, not Pepsis which is the biggest one of Hymenoptera!
Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to find the species of these Sepsis without a sharp image of the male's fore tibia.

Posted by calluna on 11-04-2024 23:16

Sorry Eric, of course I ment Sepsis. Does it matter that I can mention that this copula was found just above fresh dung of a Badger? I made a lot op pictures so I wil look for a better picture.

Regards Jap Smits

Posted by eklans on 12-04-2024 09:34

Hello Jap, there's a PDF avaible including keys an descriptions of Sepsidae:
Pont/Maier, 2002: The Sepsidae (Diptera) of Europe
This helps to find the critical characters on photos of the Sepsidae.


Posted by calluna on 24-04-2024 21:27

Hello Eric, thanks. I'm going to have a try.

Greetings Jap Smits.