Thread subject: :: Cheilosia sp for ID pictured in Belgium on 2024-04-04

Posted by Tetrao on 04-04-2024 22:31

Hi all,
I pictured this Cheilosia specimen in my garden on 2024-04-04. I could measure it on picture : 9,0mm, it's a male !

Is it possible to ID it ???

Thank you for reading this post and / or commenting about !

Eyes are hairy, but face seems hairy (?)

Terga/tergites are black and black - blue,

seta at the end of scutellum are long and black,

setae around abdomen are yellow/orange,

Arita seems bare and black.

We seems to be in the Cheilosia proxima group :

Cheilosia proxima
Cheilosia velutina
Cheilosia uviformis
Cheilosia aerea
Cheilosia rufimana

And I think I can see the "sablier" / hourglass on the third "tergites" / terga of some pictures
Which would ID Cheilosia rufimana

Please help !!!

If you need more picture or details , please ask, I will have a look for...

Thank you again for reading and/or commenting,
Have a nice day,

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