Thread subject: :: Cheilosia sp for ID pictured in Belgium on 2024-04-04

Posted by Tetrao on 04-04-2024 22:31

Hi all,
I pictured this Cheilosia specimen in my garden on 2024-04-04. I could measure it on picture : 9,0mm, it's a male !

Is it possible to ID it ???

Thank you for reading this post and / or commenting about !

Eyes are hairy, but face seems hairy (?)

Terga/tergites are black and black - blue,

seta at the end of scutellum are long and black,

setae around abdomen are yellow/orange,

Arita seems bare and black.

We seems to be in the Cheilosia proxima group :

Cheilosia proxima
Cheilosia velutina
Cheilosia uviformis
Cheilosia aerea
Cheilosia rufimana

And I think I can see the "sablier" / hourglass on the third "tergites" / terga of some pictures
Which would ID Cheilosia rufimana

Please help !!!

If you need more picture or details , please ask, I will have a look for...

Thank you again for reading and/or commenting,
Have a nice day,

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Posted by Tetrao on 05-04-2024 17:51

In his keys published on web, Mister van Veen for the selection of Cheilosia rufumana in the groupe C. proxima at couplet 2a indicate for selecting C. rufimana that les Frons is completaly dusted; lunula yellow >3
and at couplet 3 add : "face mostly dusted;sternites with dull brownish dust > Cheilosia rufimana.
If not this choice then > Cheilosia uviformis (which has an orange third segment on antenna ...
So I add picture I discover of the lunula , picture were very dark so I had to light them ...

Have a good day !