Thread subject: :: Calliphoridae?->Pales (Tachinidae)

Posted by guplox on 13-03-2024 03:57

Photographed very recently in Zhejiang China. A Calliphoridae species or something else? Thanks!

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Posted by guplox on 13-03-2024 03:58

frontal view

Posted by eklans on 13-03-2024 12:23

For me, it looks more like one of the Tachinidae: swollen subscutellum, red scutellum, hairy eyes - but I'm not sure.

Posted by guplox on 13-03-2024 12:40

Thank you! Maybe you're right as I wasn't able to find a calliphorid that matches the fly.

Posted by John Carr on 13-03-2024 16:01

Similar to this Pales: https://diptera.i..._id=110131.

Posted by guplox on 13-03-2024 17:35

Wow, you're right! Thank you so much! I totally forgot about it! They were photographed in a different hill but yes they look similar and are very likely conspecific. Thank you for reminding me of it! |t