Thread subject: :: Diptera : for ID , perhaps a Muscidae ... from Belgium 2024-05-07

Posted by Tetrao on 08-03-2024 09:39

Hi all !!!

Yesterday I could picture the specimen below in my Garden.
It was not easy.

Here are some pictures. The length of the specimen is about 8,5mm measured on picture.

The specimen seems to be "emerging" !

Is it possible to ID ???

Thank you for your comments. !!!

Edit : add picture of the face and 3d tibia (hind tibia) ...

Perhaps this could hepl ID !!!


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Posted by eklans on 08-03-2024 11:56

Hello Didier, it's one of Muscidae, indeed, and it's a fresh specimen, not fully sclerotised! I think it's a female Phaonia and I guess it's a Phaonia subventa. If you'll find the adult, we could be more sure.

Posted by Tetrao on 08-03-2024 12:38

Thank you, Eric !!!

Posted by Tetrao on 09-03-2024 14:22

Are you sure this specimen is a female ?

Posted by eklans on 09-03-2024 14:49

No Didier, I'm not sure - my guess was based on your 4th image.
But this looks more like a male! |t

Posted by Tetrao on 09-03-2024 16:32

This was based on the first picture, I added the last one because I think it could help…
Thank you again ,
Have a good day,